By Andrew Keiller

hand crafted 917, 906 recreations

Dear fellow enthusiasts, we thank you for your interest in this website and our endeavours to recreate what has been voted the Worlds Greatest Sports Car the Porsche 917.
Too many years ago we fell in love with the sight and sound of these fabulous cars.
Having been fans and researched the cars for so long, in 1993 we decided to build the most accurate recreation possible. Seven years later we had a running car!
We christened it LMK 917; Le Mans Kurz, or short tail.

Birth of the LMK917

We decided to share the fruits of our labour of love with other enthusiasts, and build more of our favourite car, the fabulous 917.
Just to sit in the LMK917 cockpit produces waves of nostalgia for that never to be recaptured time!
When the original race warriors really did rule the world of international sports car racing. Howling down Le Mans’ Mulsanne straight at 240 mph in the dead of night, screaming round the Daytona banking like a slot car.
Watkins Glen, Sebring, Spa, Brands Hatch. All these names evoke memories of how the cars appeared at each race. From the Hippy car of Watkins Glen to the Martini silver or Gulf blue and orange of Le Mans.
We now recreate these 917 and 906 cars for our discerning customers.
We regard the original 917s of fifty years ago as true works of art and an automotive tribute to the Renaissance men and artisans who created them.
Currently under construction we have three LMK 917’s being built for Australia, USA, and Belgium.
In addition to the 917 coupe, we also recreate the 1966 906 coupe.
In development are the LMK 908/3 Targa Florio and the LMK 917/10 Can Am Spyder.
Also we create LMK 917 sculpture and furniture.


Cars have been supplied to customers in Germany, Austria, USA,  Mexico, England and South Africa.


WHEELS Magazine Article - By Michael Stahl - A story of quiet achievement and of export success.


Lovingly crafted & hand-built millimetre perfect recreations, located in Melbourne, Australia.

LMK 917 and LMK 906 - examples

We are dedicated to the ongoing pursuit of creating our dream cars.

Each one, lovingly hand built over many hundreds of hours
for our enthusiast customers.


908 Spyder by LMK

Theft of the only LMK 908 Spyder

As a side project, to the LMK 917 s, an LMK 908S Targa Floria Spyder was built by us over a  five year period.  Using an original 908 Spyder body from 1969 and original factory chassis drawings, one only LMK 908 Spyder Targa Florio was built. The body used had been raced in period in the USA and was obtained from a Porsche historic racing specialist in California.   

It was finished in the colours of a factory team Targa Florio Spyder as raced in 1969 . Worldwide there is no other 908 Spyder recreation and only two originals in the Porsche Museum. 

On completion, the car was air freighted to the USA and displayed at the 2014 Monterey Historic races. Subsequently, it was stored in Calabasas and a replacement engine was installed at a cost of US $60,000.    Unfortunately the car was then removed from storage , the ownership fraudulently changed to the person entrusted with its care , and its identity fraudulently swapped with that of a 1968 Porsche 911 .   

The LMK 908 Spyder, chassis number LMK S 908 S-001, was then brokered by Auto Kennel of Costa Mesa, and sold for US$ 280,000 , in August 2017.    The purchaser, and everyone else involved in the sale, are very aware that the LMK 908 Spyder is a stolen vehicle.      Also that it is likely to be impounded by the California DMV, or other authority at any time.

To steal a car as unique as as this, the only other being in the Porsche Museum, must be the height of stupidity!    It can never be seen or raced , as it's true identity is hopelessly compromised.
Legal action for its recovery is ongoing , but much delay has been caused by Covid 19 .

LMK917 replica porsche

Started by Andrew Keiller back in 2001 the company is the home of LMK recreations.

About us

We operate from a small workshop in Melbourne, Australia.
LMK917 have been recreating the iconic 917 coupes for customers since 2001. Cars have been supplied to customers in Australia, Austria, Germany, USA,  Mexico, England and South Africa.
Many are in important collections, in museums and even a modern art gallery. A number in Germany, Austria and the USA are street registered, others used for track events.
We get huge satisfaction at every stage of construction, watching the cars take shape.

We are dedicated to the ongoing pursuit of creating  our dream cars.

Each one lovingly hand built over many hundreds of hours for our enthusiast customers.

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